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Don't Nerf the Prestige Pet

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Quite a few people want the prestige pet to be nerfed for being too OP.

If you have decent gear such as Tyrant, lucky comp, phantom and so forth with good weapons it's quite easy to obtain enough cash to buy more and more OP weapons/gear.

The prestige Pet is untradeable and must be obtained with a lot more effort. Earlier someone(Not naming names) was irritated that I was able to out DPS them with a Donor Set, Hellslayer Sword, Prestige Pet, DBone SS -

They had Donor set + Hailstorm Sword/Shield + Vorago pet. 


When I mentioned they could grind for the pet too they pretty much said they "Cba" so them not willing to grind for a good pet they decide to want to have it nerfed instead. As stated previously, essentially all of his items were tradeable and it's quite easy to get enough for a HSS/Shield + the rest of what he had but without even doing raids. So it only makes sense for the Prestige Pet to be as good as it is considering you have to do a bit more manual and tedious grinding.


Perhaps I am wrong but the pet has always been like this for quite some time now and was even nerfed in the past. I understand me saying this could be considered bias due to me owning the pet now(Got it today) But even still it only makes sense to leave the pet as is.


If something has to change about it at most I would suggest removing it from everyone that has it(Refund them the 2.5m prestige points) and change it's value in the shop to 5M points or so(If this has to happen rather than a nerf.)


The pet alone takes quite a bit of grinding and you

can't just buy it the second you join the game since

Lamps are also untradeable - unlike untradeables you

can just save enough cash and buy said item to use

it that are tradeable. (You could attend 1 - 5 world

bosses/1 - 5 DonorBosses and have enough to buy

the Vorago pet from someone, where the Prestige

Pet you cant just buy it.

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