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Pet Benefits and Effects

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How Pets Work Now:

I just re-wrote the pet system around two weeks and it has some new mechanics you should be aware of.

  • Obtaining A Pet:
    • If you do not have a pet spawned upon getting a pet as a drop, it will automatically spawn the pet as your follower.
    • If you have a pet currently as your follower, you will get the pet as a drop inside of your inventory instead.
      • If you inventory is FULL when the pet drop is rolled, you will NOT get your pet.
  • Pet Effects:
    • There are several new Pet Effects that have been added.
      • Pets can now:
        • Blind
        • Burn
        • Stun
        • Stone
        • Poison
        • Provide bonus damage
        • Provide increased drop rate globally or to specified npcs.
        • Provide buffs over-time.
        • Drop bonus items.
  • Pet Nourishment:
    • Pets now have hunger and sincerity levels, which both decrease over time.
      • If your pet's hunger drops to 0, then it's sincerity level will start to decrease.
      • When your hunger is a 0, pet effects and buffs will no longer work, and neither will drop rate bonus.
        • If your pet's sincerity hits 0, your pet will "die" temporarily. You will have to pay money to the pet care taker to revive them.
        • The default cost to revive your pet is 50t.
    • There are new item drops that will be used to feed your pet.
      • Pet Cookies (1)
        • Cost: 2t
        • Hunger: 10
      • Pet Cookies (2)
        • Cost: 3.5t
        • Hunger: 20
      • Pet Cookies (3)
        • Cost: 5t
        • Hunger: 30
      • Compliment Letter
        • Cost: 3t
        • Sincerity: 10
      • Handwritten Letter
        • Cost: 4.5t
        • Sincerity: 20
      • Sincere Letter
        • Cost: 6t
        • Sincerity: 30


The follow list are the current pets w/ effects (This will be updated when pets are changed):

  • Celestial Dragon Pet: 1/150 Drop Chance
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Hoof Pet: 1/250 Drop Chance
    • 3% drop-rate bonus.
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Evil-Hoof Pet:
    • Upgraded version of the hoof pet.
      • Use an Evil Stone on your hoof pet in order to upgrade it.
    • 5% drop-rate bonus.
    • Every 20 minutes, you'll receive the "Telekinetomyinv" buff, which will send all dropped items to your inventory while active.
    • Hunger Interval: 216 seconds (6 hours)
  • Corrupt Lizard: 1/300 Drop Chance
    • 7% drop-rate bonus.
    • 3% chance to hit 1.5x your max-hit on the next successful range attack.
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Ninja Pet: 1/350 Drop Chance
    • 10% drop-rate bonus.
    • 4% chance to hit 1.5x your max-hit on the next successful melee attack.
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Mystery Crab Pet: 1/400 Drop Chance
    • 15% drop-rate bonus (only toward killing mystery crabs).
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Construct Pet: 1/450 Drop Chance
    • 12% drop-rate bonus.
    • 5% chance to hit 1.5x your max-hit on the next successful magic attack.
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Greyback Pet: 1/500 Drop Chance
    • 14% drop-rate bonus.
    • Every 5 minutes, you'll receive the "bellow" buff, which reduces the defense of NPC you're attacking by 50% while active.
    • Hunger Interval: 252 seconds (7 hours)
  • Lucky Knight Pet: 1/550 Drop Chance
    • 18% drop-rate bonus.
    • Every 4 minutes, you'll receive the "Deep Wound" buff, which gives you a 2% chance to double-hit on the next attack while active.
    • Every 60 minutes, you'll receive the "Defensive Stance" buff, which will make all NPC's around you become aggressive toward you while active.
    • Hunger Interval: 234 seconds (6.5 hours)
  • Diablo Pet: 1/600 Drop Chance
    • 10% drop-rate bonus.
    • Halves the time required to use "Operate" on Phantom Armour and QBD Armour.
    • Hunger Interval: 180 seconds (5 hours)
    • Revival Cost: 150,000 1b Tokens (150t)
  • Vorago Pet: 1/700 Drop Chance
    • 8% chance to double your max-hit on the next successful attack.
    • Hunger Interval: 126 seconds (3.5 hours)
    • Revival Cost: 250,000 1b Tokens (250t)
  • Vetion Pet:
    • Recovers special 2x faster.
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Giant Squirrel Pet:
    • 50% chance to absorb all of the income damage.
    • Hunger Interval: 288 seconds (8 hours)
  • Olmlet Pet:
    • 5% chance to max hit.
    • 5% BASE drop rate bonus.
    • Gives 1-20% drop rate bonus (random).
    • 2% chance to do burn damage to what you're attacking.
    • Hunger Interval: 90 seconds (2.5 hours)
    • Revival Cost: 500,000 1b Tokens (500t)
  • Prestegious Pet:
    • 10% chance to deal your max hit on next hit.
    • 5% chance to deal triple damage on next hit.
    • Special recovery is increased by 50%.
    • 1/20 chance to absorb all in-coming damage for you.
    • Hunger Interval: 72 seconds (2 hours)
    • Revival Cost: 1,000,000 1b Tokens (1q)
  • Lava Demon (Raids 2 Pet):
    • 25% drop-rate bonus.
    • Hunger Interval: 54 seconds (1.5 hours)
    • Revival Cost: 2,500,000 1b Tokens (2.5q)
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New system is dope and improved game a lot, but I've been wondering that is there coming more benefits to pets since we have alot pets that has no bonuses at all and are mostly costumes. 

Id like to see some more pet benefits such as only DR-bonuses to certain npcs or random not that OP benefits such as random buffs, spec restores, damage boost etc. Wouldnt mind seeing all raid pets or even lucky pets in true action.



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