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  1. You all have made it very pleasant and helped a lot teaching a new comer on what do and how to improve. Never to busy to help if they can. Genuinely appreciate all the work and dedication you all put in towards this server.
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  2. Hello. I'm here to say a few words of our beloved helper "Darkdesire". He/she (I don't know which xD) is very helpful and patient person from what i've seen. Let me tell you an example: Today he/she was asked about upgrading and how it exactly works (Not all of us know) so he started teaching. He was very specific on the details also, which made it super easy to understand. I didn't see the whole conversation myself but now even i know how upgrading works with master stones and what not 😄 This man/woman deserves a big warm hug for all he/she has done for the community
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