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  3. Introductions Hunter is basically the key of skilling and prestiging. Its easy skill, but pretty time demanding if you aim for high prestige level. By hunter, and wise point spending you can increase your late game really good and its recommended after a start. In this guide I will explain how hunter works, what it unlocks and why it is so important. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recommendations & Requirements Hunter has no ski
  4. New system is dope and improved game a lot, but I've been wondering that is there coming more benefits to pets since we have alot pets that has no bonuses at all and are mostly costumes. Id like to see some more pet benefits such as only DR-bonuses to certain npcs or random not that OP benefits such as random buffs, spec restores, damage boost etc. Wouldnt mind seeing all raid pets or even lucky pets in true action.
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  6. Never mind, I heard it was just OP not actually broken is what they meant by nerf.
  7. Quite a few people want the prestige pet to be nerfed for being too OP. If you have decent gear such as Tyrant, lucky comp, phantom and so forth with good weapons it's quite easy to obtain enough cash to buy more and more OP weapons/gear. The prestige Pet is untradeable and must be obtained with a lot more effort. Earlier someone(Not naming names) was irritated that I was able to out DPS them with a Donor Set, Hellslayer Sword, Prestige Pet, DBone SS - They had Donor set + Hailstorm Sword/Shield + Vorago pet. ---------------------------------------------------- When I
  8. You all have made it very pleasant and helped a lot teaching a new comer on what do and how to improve. Never to busy to help if they can. Genuinely appreciate all the work and dedication you all put in towards this server.
  9. Hello. I'm here to say a few words of our beloved helper "Darkdesire". He/she (I don't know which xD) is very helpful and patient person from what i've seen. Let me tell you an example: Today he/she was asked about upgrading and how it exactly works (Not all of us know) so he started teaching. He was very specific on the details also, which made it super easy to understand. I didn't see the whole conversation myself but now even i know how upgrading works with master stones and what not 😄 This man/woman deserves a big warm hug for all he/she has done for the community
  10. How Pets Work Now: I just re-wrote the pet system around two weeks and it has some new mechanics you should be aware of. Obtaining A Pet: If you do not have a pet spawned upon getting a pet as a drop, it will automatically spawn the pet as your follower. If you have a pet currently as your follower, you will get the pet as a drop inside of your inventory instead. If you inventory is FULL when the pet drop is rolled, you will NOT get your pet. Pet Effects: There are several new Pet Effects that have been added. Pets c
  11. Upgrade Stones: To open the upgrade interface, use the command ::upgrade Lucky Ore: Can be used with Heaven Stone to turn into Lucky Heaven Stone Heaven Stone: This item can be combined with Lucky ore to be turned into a Lucky Heaven Stone. It can also be used to upgrade any item. This item should always be used to upgrade any item to +1 as it is always 100% successful. Luck Heaven Stone: This item is used to upgrade any item. It can be used anywhere from +1 to +10 Prosperous Ore: Can b
  12. Hello Everyone, Had a number of people ask me to make this post, sorry it took me so long! haha Ranks & General Information: All donator ranks are automatically rewarded to a player once they hit a certain milestone of total-donated. That means any product you purchase in the store will contribute toward your next donator rank. Regular Donator: $25 | Drop Rate Bonus: 5. Super Donator: $50 | Drop Rate Bonus: 10. Extreme Donator: $100 | Drop Rate Bonus: 15. Legendary Donator: $250 | Drop Rate Bonus: 20. Divine Donator: $500 | Drop Rate Bonu
  13. Todo faster 😞
  14. Thank you so much for this guide. As a new player, this meant the world to me. Changed the server from a confusing mess to a senseful jumble of tiers. I love it. Very well written.
  15. Gob

    Hi I'm Gob!

    Hey noobs and noobettes. I'm Gob, or Gob Jr. I'm a 23 year old full-time college student. Currently going for my Bachelors in Game Design at Full Sail Uni, and very eager to get into the industry and make my way. I'm eager to see how an OSRS and RS3 server is blended together, and eager to get to know the community here. I love the idea and the custom content that's been shown off in the various videos. I think it's super cool to be here at launch, regardless of this being a rebrand or not. I look forward to seein yall around and getting to know and watch the server grow into its very own
  16. The following items are dropped by: Prosperous Ore: Mobs with 0 - 100k hp Quality Stone: Mobs with 0 - 100k hp Caskets: ALL MOBS Heaven Stone: ALL MOBS ROP I: ALL MOBS ROP II: 100k - 200m hp ROP III: 250k - 200m hp ROP IV: 500k - 200m hp Finest Heaven Stone: Mobs with 20m - 200m hp
  17. Custom Spirit Shield Breakdown. This will be a simple little guide to outline each Spirit Shield and what each custom spirit shield offer. The 'operate' Spirit Shields have a 15-30 second cool down on there 'operate'options. All these spirit shields can be obtained by purchasing from players or dropped from ::corp Doom Spirit Shield Doom Spirit Shield gives you a 10% chance of next hit doubling in damage. This shield is not the worst out of these shields. pretty self explanatory, the higher your base hit the bigger the number. Lava Spirit Shield Lava Sp
  18. World Boss Loot Table: Common: (70% chance of getting a common drop) - x50 Mystery Box - x5000 1b tokens. - x5 opened hellchests. - x400 slayer point tickets. - x3 of any of the dbl pots. Un-Common: (26% chance of getting an un-common drop) - Any piece of the tzhaar set. (including boots and gloves now) - Any piece of the steel 3rd age set. - Any piece of the devious 3rd age set. - x3 ROP 1/2 - x100 donation point tickets. - x10 of any of the dbl pots. - Tyrant Shard 1 Blueprint. - Tyrant Shard 2 Blueprint. Rare: (3% chance of g
  19. Upgrade Stones: To upgrade enter ::upgrade into the chatbox LUCKY ORE: Can be used with Heaven Stone to turn into Lucky Heaven Stone HEAVEN STONE: This item can be combined with Lucky ore to be turned into a Lucky Heaven Stone. It can also be used to upgrade any item. This item should always be used to upgrade any item to +1 as it is always 100% successful. LUCKY HEAVEN STONE: This item is used to upgrade any item, it can be used anywhere from +1 to +10 PROSPEROUS ORE: Can be upgraded with Quality Stone to turn into Prosperous Quality Stone QUALITY STONE: Thi
  20. Good to know: -You gain no benefits from upgrading before your item is +5 -To see what item to use at certain points of upgrading, check out ZachTX' video about the upgrade system (video is a bit outdated, but most of it is still relevant) Benefits from plusses: - Ring gives 1/(27 + (180 /plus on ring)) Chance of rerolling next non-rare drop. -Gloves give 1% chance per +10 to increase outgoing damage by 10% -Boots give 1% chance per +10 to reduce incoming damage by 20% -Offhand/Shield gives 1% block rate (Chance to dodge all damage) eve
  21. What is 'Elite Mode'? A new rank, giving you the abilities listed below. How can I obtain this new rank? At intervals of 5k NPC Kills after 50k NPC Kills, you will be prompted to create an Elite Mode Character. (Once per account When over 50k NPC kills - NPCKILLS % 5000 < 500) You may toggle the option to receive or not receive this prompt. You will be prompted to enter the name of your Elite Mode Character (A new Character). You will be prompted again to accept or deny the name you picked. If you picked a name already in use, you will be asked if
  22. How can buried weapons be obtained? Buried Weapons can be obtained by clicking the object named "Buried Weapons" near ::slayer. To successfully obtain a Buried Weapon, the player must use "Grip". Where can I get Grip from and what does it mean? Grip can be obtained from three places Raids1 (::raids1) Raids2 (::raids2) Card Flips Wheel spins Grips come in 10 different percentages, ranging from 10% to 100%. The higher the percentage, the higher chance you have of successfully obtaining the Buried Weapon. What does the name of the buried weap
  23. What are Critical Strike / Deadly Strike Scrolls? They're scrolls you can apply to any weapon of your choosing to give it a little ability. The Critical Strike Scroll adds the ability to do anywhere from 1-50% increased damage per hit. The Deadly Strike Scroll adds the ability to do anywhere from 1-75% increased damage per hit. Each Deadly Strike also applies a 5 tick burn (intervals of 1) that does damage equivalent to 10% of your hit. The scrolls themselves look like this: How to use Critical/Deadly Strike Scrolls: Simply right-click the scroll, select use
  24. To start off with slayer, go to the Slayer Master (Duradel) by typing ::slayer, or by clicking ctrl+s on your keyboard. There are 4 difficulties of slayer task to select from, each providing different monsters you can fight. Easy and Medium slayer tasks have no requirement. Hard slayer tasks require that you've done one full prestige. Boss slayer tasks require that you've done five full prestiges. Easy Slayer Task Monster List: Hoof (2,400 HP) [::hoof] Crystal Skeleton (1,200 HP) [::ckey] Undead Hero (20,000 HP) [::undead] Mercenary Captain (8,000 HP) [::c
  25. Rules and Regulations Nyros reserves the right to adequately apply a punishment on any member as seen fit. Administration reserves the right to change and or adjust any rules stated below. Please stay up to date with any announced changes as the date in reference to the last updated thread will be listed below. In the case of not understanding any rule or information displayed below, we encourage you to contact any staff member who will happily assist you. In-game Rules 1. Inappropriate content, harassment, disrespect and flaming. Host
  26. Guardian's Resistance Minigame Guide Requirements: 500 1b tokens every time you wanna enter Recommended: At least 43 prayer for protect from melee, Regular donator rank for ::bank access, loads of super restores in bank, Corrupt Light sword or better Bonus ::droprate does NOT apply inside the minigame. - Its all RNG based. How to start Once you obtained the 500 1b token needed to enter. Teleport to ::guardian, and speak to the Aggressive mage Pick the 2nd option in the chat log Inside the cave 6 differen
  27. Starting Room: When the raids owner enters the raid, you should wait for all members of your party to click Charon and enter the room with you before doing anything else or at-least before entering the Chasm or they will not be able to join you after you leave this room. Speaking to Charon again will open up the supplies shop: The shop includes: (Item Name, Cost, What is does) Snakehead - 500 1B Tokens - Heals 40 HP Healthy Snakehead - 1,500 1B Tokens - Heals 60 HP Hellfire Axe - 1,500 1B Tokens - Used to chop down
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